Announcing Our Kindness Grant Winners for May 2024

Kindness Grant Winner Annie's Kindness Blankets
Left to Right, Aubrianne (Annie’s cousin, Barbara’s daughter), Annie, Barbara, Christina (in front) and Angela, (Mia not pictured).

Barbara Buckley and her great-nieces, Christina Varney, Angela Varney, and Mia Varney (Abington, MA) are the founders of Annie’s Kindness Blankets (AKB). They make no-sew blankets that have labels ironed on that speak of kindness and come in their own tote bag and they give them to anyone who needs a hug and to know they are not alone. Continue reading Announcing Our Kindness Grant Winners for May 2024

Announcing our Kindness Award Winners for April 2024

Quilen and Hannah Blackwell Kindness Award Winners

A huge shout out to Jesse’s Paddle (aka, The Jesse Klump Suicide Awareness and Prevention Program) for their very generous donation to sponsor this month’s award winners, Quilen and Hannah Blackwell.

Quilen and Hannah Blackwell (Chicago, IL) founded Southside Blooms in 2014. A $150 donation allowed them to start their off-grid flower farm where participants convert vacant lots into commercial flower farms using solar-powered rainwater irrigation. Thus creating jobs for young people on the south and west sides of Chicago.

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Finding Gratitude

gratitude, food for thought

One of my favorite things in the world is to get a gift for no reason. No birthday, no holiday, just because someone was thinking of me. It can be as simple as a bag of M&M’s or a card in the mail. I have a favorite T-shirt that Matt sent me, he was at a concert, saw it, and thought of me. Imagine, a 31-year-old at a concert and he thinks of his mom. It warms my heart. It reads, “Make America Grateful Again”, with a Grateful Dead logo. I love this shirt, I love the saying, and I love that it’s from Matt. Continue reading Finding Gratitude