MKRO Big Announcement

matts kindness ripples on
Thank you all for your support. Matt would love all the kind acts done in his name.

It’s that time of year where we give extra thought to all we have to be thankful for and think about the coming year and what our hopes and dreams are. We at MKRO have much to be grateful for and we have some exciting changes coming in the new year. Continue reading MKRO Big Announcement

Announcing our Matt Kurtz Kindness Award Winners for November 2021

Kristen Weinberg Kindness Award Winner
Sriya Tallapragada Kindness Award Winner

Thanks again to our generous donors, we are thrilled to announce two winners of our Kindness Award, Kristen Weinberg and Sriya Tallapragada.  Both of them go above and beyond to help others and we’re blown away by their compassion, their selflessness, and their ability to get other people to share in their vision of helping those in need.  Their acts of kindness have rippled out and touched thousands of lives.  They’re incredible and we’re so proud to have them as part of our MKRO family.

Winners receive a certificate and $250.  We tell them kind people tend to neglect themselves, this money is to spread kindness on themselves.  


A Day of Spreading Kindness

Airam Gomez Spreading kindness
MKRO Grant Winner Airam Gomez (R), with her friend, Jhoana Chavez.

Airam Gomez, our MKRO August Grant Winner, shared how her day of spreading kindness for her 18th birthday went. I was so inspired by her letter, I could feel the joy she was spreading and it had me smiling and feeling good all day.  I wanted to share her letter so you can feel the ripple, smile, and pass on that happiness to the people around you too.

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7 Inspirational People Make Kindness a Way of Life

Kindness Matters

I’m sharing a few of the wonderful nominations we receive at MKRO. I get to read about inspirational people of all ages doing acts of kindness, large and small every day. It’s heartwarming and reminds me that most people in our world are really good people. Today I’m sharing with you a few nominations we’ve gotten of people who inspire us with their kind hearts. I wish we could give all of them Matt’s Kindness Awards, they so deserve it.  

May their kindness ripple forward and inspire all of you.

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