Seasons Greetings

Seasons Greetings kindness


seasons greetings kindness


A special treat from us to you, this beautiful song, Angels in Heaven, by Chris Rodrigues and the Spoon Lady. If you’ve never seen her before you’ll be blown away.  Enjoy.


Is there someone who inspires you with their kindness?  Nominate them for the Matt Kurtz Kindness Award of $250.

Do you have an act-of-kindness project you want to do but need help funding it?  Submit your idea for the Matt Kurtz Kindness Grant of $500 and let us help you spread kindness.



It’s that Time of Year . . . . When We Overspend

Holiday DIY Ideas


We get stressed over who to buy gifts for, worrying about forgetting someone, worrying about how much to spend and what gift to buy, and of course, worrying about spending money we can’t afford to please others.  Here’s your reminder that we show our love by giving our time and care, not by buying material goods.  Continue reading It’s that Time of Year . . . . When We Overspend

Unleash Your Superpower on World Kindness Day

world kindness day

Doing small acts of kindness is your superpower! You don’t have to be a saint or hero to practice kindness.  The more you do it, the more it becomes a part of who you are. Every day you have a choice in how you are going to treat people, choose kindness.  Today, for World Kindness Day, if you’re not already doing this, I’m asking you to commit to doing small acts of kindness on a daily basis.  Continue reading Unleash Your Superpower on World Kindness Day

Announcing Matt Kurtz Kindness Award Winners for November 2022

Kindness Award Winner Colby Phillips
Kindness Award Winner Jessica Ong

Thanks again to our generous donors, we are thrilled to announce two winners of our Kindness Award, Colby Phillips and Jessica Ong. Both of them go above and beyond to help others and we’re blown away by their compassion and selflessness. Their acts of kindness have rippled out and touched the lives of so many. They’re incredible and we’re so proud to have them as part of our MKRO family.


Pickleball is Therapy

Ocean Pines Pickleball Community
Ocean Pines, MD, Pink Ribbon Event

Pickleball has been all over the news for the last few years. It even made it to the front page of the Washington Post. It’s been called the fastest-growing sport in America and people of all ages, shapes, and sizes have been jumping in to play. I’ve been playing pickleball for 10 years but it wasn’t until Matt died that I appreciated the therapeutic effects of pickleball.    

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Imagine Life Without Your Computer

computer hug

Lucky me, I don’t have to imagine it, that was my life. When my laptop was on my lap it was getting super hot and the fan was running loudly. I took it to the Apple store and they told me I needed a new battery and it would have to be sent away for replacement. The thought of not having my computer made me anxious. My computer is a part of my everyday life, I couldn’t imagine going days, or god forbid weeks, without it. 

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More Gratitude


My last post was about gratitude and since then, I stumbled upon a wonderful article called 7 Buddhist Lessons in Gratitude by Victor M Parachin, which I’m sharing with you but there’s a catch.  I’m only sharing 6 of the lessons because I strongly disagree with lesson number 4, so I’ve deleted it.  Yup.  If you can’t trust that I’m right and your curiosity is getting the better of you, you can always click on the link at the bottom of the post and read the original post. 

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