Happy to Announce Our Two Kindness Award Winners for November 2019

We are so thankful to all of our wonderful supporters who donate to MKRO, allowing us to give our kindness awards and grants to more than one recipient each time.  

Below are three incredible people that we are honored to be giving our kindness awards to.

Renee and Mike Fahey

Renee and Mike Fahey

Jessica Munoz

Jessica Munoz


We’re Excited to Announce, Two Winners of the Matt Kurtz Kindness Grant

Congratulations to Mindy Ousley and Ashley and Dustin Beeler, each got $250 to fund their acts of kindness projects!

Kindness Grant Winner Mindy Ousley
Kindness Grant Winner Ashley and Dustin Beeler

Once again, we are extremely lucky to have so many wonderful people who support us and believe in our mission.  We truly appreciate all of the donations that make it possible for us to give out additional grants and awards, including this second grant.  

We’d also like to acknowledge the many people (almost 100) who sent in their fantastic ideas for kindness projects.  While we wish we could give our grant to every kindness project submitted, there were so many fantastic ideas, we regret we have only two to give. We want to thank each and every one of you for submitting your ideas and hope you continue to spread kindness everywhere you go!

About our August 2019 winners:

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