Finding Gratitude

gratitude, food for thought

One of my favorite things in the world is to get a gift for no reason. No birthday, no holiday, just because someone was thinking of me. It can be as simple as a bag of M&M’s or a card in the mail. I have a favorite T-shirt that Matt sent me, he was at a concert, saw it, and thought of me. Imagine, a 31-year-old at a concert and he thinks of his mom. It warms my heart. It reads, “Make America Grateful Again”, with a Grateful Dead logo. I love this shirt, I love the saying, and I love that it’s from Matt. Continue reading Finding Gratitude

10 Videos to Inspire, Astonish, and Captivate

It’s officially spring, I wore flip-flops for the first time. Slept with the windows open and felt the breeze flowing over my body. Woke to the birds happily chattering, sitting in trees bursting with new buds. I know life can be hard, which is why it’s so important to appreciate the little things. Wishing you a world of beautiful, everyday, ordinary things. Continue reading 10 Videos to Inspire, Astonish, and Captivate