Laughter Really is the Best Medicine

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“Laughter is a bubbly, effervescent form of holiness.” – Ann Lamont

Today, I wanted to share 10 of my favorite funny videos that I hope with make you laugh out loud and warm your heart.   

There’s a reason they say laughter is the best medicine, it can make you feel more relaxed, happier and less stressed.  Laughter can stimulate your immune system, strengthen your heart, reduce your stress level, lower your blood pressure and increase your level of endorphins (which give us a natural high).

So get your happy on.  Enjoy and you’re welcome :  )

I’ve noted the ones that are R rated.  Those aren’t intended for kids or people who are easily offended.  

If you have a favorite funny video to share, I’d love it if you put the link in the comment section below.  Let’s keep the laughter going. 

  1. Patrick Hay, hysterical post-coitus press conference. This is so brilliant, had me laughing the entire time.  (3:18 minutes)  R rated
  2. The dancing fool, aka, Cockatoo Loves Elvis. This is super sweet and funny.  (2:26 minutes)
  3. Michael Paliscak, lots of great relationship jokes.  (6:00 minutes)
  4. Shawn Achor, an amazing Ted Talk speaker on “The Happiness Advantage”. This is not only funny but it might change the way you think about happiness.  (12:29 minutes)
  5. Mrs. Hughes, a very funny comedian with lots of great marriage and kid jokes.  (3:33 minutes)
  6. Preacher Lawson, he was on America’s Got Talent, wonderful up and coming talent.  (4:55 minutes)
  7. Jim Jefferies is a raunchy comedian so will probably offend many, but he does make me laugh. This clip is a riot and only has crude language but if you like raunchy, check out all of his “Freedumb” clips.  (2:51 minutes)  R rated
  8. Gary Gulman is a comedian with a hilarious third world problem.  (4:34 minutes)
  9. Drew Barth is a good, clean, funny comedian.  (4:37 minutes)
  10. Trevor Noah, no introduction needed.  A cute little skit on sexiest accents.  (2:28 minutes)  


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5 thoughts on “Laughter Really is the Best Medicine”

  1. My Cousin Vinny- R rated, you don’t have to grow up in NY to find this movie funny, but it sure doesn’t hurt!😂🤣😉. Great story line, witty, and will tickle your funny bone!

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