MKRO Readers Share Their Stories

Recently I went to a convenience store and noticed there were 2 couples and a dog “living” in the bushes behind the store.

     I bought some bread, lunch meat & dog food and gave it to one of the men. He asked if he could give me a hug with tears in his eyes.

He didn’t smell of alcohol or have the glazed eye look of a user. The next day I brought them new gloves, hats, socks toothbrushes, and other things and again we both cried. I told my sister and she gave me blankets and pillows but when I went there, I was told that the police made them move for I guess if you don’t see the problem, there isn’t a problem. I still look and pray for them especially with the cold weather coming.

This is just a reminder that you have to appreciate what and who you have in your life for it could change in a minute.      

–  Bev,  Frederick, MD