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The Courier, October 2021
Family Turns Tragedy into Nonprofit Promoting Kindness

Ocean City Today, November 2019
Kindness Award and Grant internationally recognized

Ute Country News, April 2019 (bottom of page 19)
“Matt’s Kindness Ripples On, Making the World Better, One Kindness at a Time”

Random Acts Of Kindness Blog, March 2019
“Nominate Someone Who Inspires You for the Matt Kurtz Kindness Award”

Kind Over Matter Blog, March 2019
“Kindness Award”

The Mountain Mail, March 2019
“Kindness Award Nominations Wanted”

Pagosa Daily Post, March 2019
“Nominations Sought for Matt Kurtz Kindness Award”

Detroit Lakes, March 2019
“Cats Deserve Kindness, Too: Lake Park woman to use “kindness grant” to build catio for Marshmallow Foundation”

Bayside Gazette, February 2019
“First Kurtz Kindness Grant Presented to Berlin Resident”

OC Today, February 2019
“SDHS Student Recipient of Grant”

OC Today, November 2018
“McGean granted first Matt Kurtz Kindness Award”

Bayside Gazette, November 2018
“Kurtz family honors son with Kindness Award”



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