The First Matt Kurtz Kindness Award Winner is Announced – Nov 2018

linda mcgean kindness award winner
Dawn Rogers (Principal OCEM), Jackie Kurtz (MKRO), Linda McGean (award winner), Lisa Kristick (teacher OCEM), Julie Smith (Vice-Principal OCEM)
Linda McGean
Linda McGean





Read the write-up in the Bayside Gazette.

We are so happy to announced Linda McGean, from Bishopville, Maryland, as the very first winner of the Matt Kurtz Kindness Award.  We think she is a perfect person for our first award, she examplifies Matt’s philosophy of kindness as a way of life!

Linda is the guidance counselor at Ocean City Elementary School, but she is more than a guidance counselor. She is a mentor, counselor, cheerleader, organizer, and advocate. Linda serves as a mentor to every staff member and student on how to be a positive role model. 

You never hear a negative word and you always see a smile. She is a cheerleader to everyone around her. She truly wishes for every individual to push their boundaries and achieve their goals. 

Linda developed a program at OCES called Stand Up Speak Up. This program focuses on positive personality traits and focuses on a different trait each month. September was kindness. She holds a pep rally, provides lessons for the classrooms and ensures the month is focused on that one word.  She is an organizer for the community at OCES. 

If Linda knows of a family or individual in need, then Linda organizes a collection of clothing, shelter, food, and basic necessities. She is an advocate for those students without a voice. She is their champion.

In addition, Linda does not look for recognition. She is always focused on others.  Linda’s actions show that she believes in kindness as a way of life.

Kindness is never wasted, it’s contagious, it’s free and it can have profound consequences. Everyday small acts of kindness matter. They have a ripple affect, while you can’t always see the consequences they ripple out and touch so many lives.

Thank you Linda, you are an inspiration to everyone!

Next up is the Matt Kurtz Kindness Grant of $250 (submit an act of kindness you would do with $250) which will be awarded Feb 15, 2019.  Spread the word and send in your ideas.  Thank you.

11 thoughts on “The First Matt Kurtz Kindness Award Winner is Announced – Nov 2018”

  1. What a truly inspiring example of selfless kindness in today’s chaotic world. Linda McGean seems most deserving of the first Matt Kurtz Kindness Award as she is an example of how we all should react to the needs of others. We help them. We don’t ask what’s In it for us.
    Thank you, Linda, for making this world a better place.

  2. Congratulations to Linda! Terry remembers her through his association with Ocean City Elementary School. She is a kind and caring counselor and person!

  3. It seems that you have found the perfect person to receive the first Matt Kurtz Kindness Award. I am sure that Linda has touched even more lives than she realizes. We can all learn from her. Congratulations Linda.

  4. What a wonderful example Linda is to all of us, her daily acts of love and compassion are an inspiration to me. We need more Linda McGean’s in this world. Thank you Linda

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