We’re Proud to Announce, Deneishia Jacobpito is the Winner of the Matt Kurtz Kindness Grant for February 2020

Deneishia Jacobpito Kindness Grant Winner, Feb 2020

Update:  See pictures below of items collected and donated by Deneishia.  

Our February 2020 Kindness Grant winner, Deneishia Jacobpito (Des Moines, IA), actually has two great ideas that she’ll be using the grant money for, both of them touched our hearts. 

Her first project is to collect old purses that are still in good shape from friends and acquaintances and fill them with menstrual supplies, socks, and underwear for homeless shelters and shelters that work with victims of violence. 

Her second project is to buy outfits, underwear, and athletic bras to donate to hospitals so that women can go home wearing proper clothing after they have their rape kits completed.  Deneishia said, “women have to turn over the clothes they are wearing for the DNA tests and then end up going home without underwear or wearing baggy scrubs and feeling even more unworthy than when they went to the hospital.”

Two wonderful projects!  Sometimes it’s the little things that can make a big difference in a person’s life. 

We are so touched by Deneishia’s thoughtfulness.  She looks past the labels of “homeless” or “victim”, and sees real people who in spite of their life crisis, still have basic human needs. 

We often talk about how every act of kindness no matter how small can have a profound impact on a person’s life.  I can imagine both of these beautiful acts of kindness making a real difference in these women’s lives.  In the midst of their despair, to see that someone cares, that someone has thought about them and that they matter.  Thank you Deneishia, you inspire us with your compassion and you make our world a better place.

We’d also like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who sent in their awesome ideas for kindness projects.  While we wish we could give our grant to every kindness project submitted we regret we have only one to give. We want to thank each and every one of you for submitting your ideas and hope you continue to spread kindness everywhere you go!

Deneishia collected and donated over 1,800 items!  Here’s her work in progress.

Kindness Project














Is there someone who inspires you with their kindness?  Nominate them for the Matt Kurtz Kindness Award of $250.

Do you have an act-of-kindness project you want to do but need help funding it?  Submit your idea for the Matt Kurtz Kindness Grant of $250 and let us help you spread kindness.

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  1. Deneishia is an amazing woman and friend… she has so many amazing ideas to help others. I am so proud of her for being her and for getting this amazing award

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