Shoeless in NYC in November

Kindness of Strangers

New York City police officer, Lawrence DePrimo, saw a barefoot homeless man on a cold November night and decided to help.

After talking to the man and determining his shoe size, Officer DePrimo went to a nearby shoe store and bought a pair of boots for him.  

The salesperson was moved by Officer DePrimo’s kindness so he offered him his employee discount to help bring the cost of the $100 boots down to $75.

When the officer returned to the homeless man, “his face just lit up at the sight of the boots.”   They talked a few more minutes and then Officer DePrimo continued on his way.

Unbeknownst to him, a tourist caught him in that act of kindness, took a picture of him with the homeless man and posted it so we are all able to share in the feel-good joy that comes when someone does a random act of kindness. 

In fact, that joy moves other people to act and so the ripple effect continues on.