10 Videos to Inspire, Astonish, and Captivate

It’s officially spring, I wore flip-flops for the first time. Slept with the windows open and felt the breeze flowing over my body. Woke to the birds happily chattering, sitting in trees bursting with new buds. I know life can be hard, which is why it’s so important to appreciate the little things. Wishing you a world of beautiful, everyday, ordinary things.

Here are some of my favorite videos (actually, two are a set of photos, and one an audio clip). 

Enjoy and let me know in the comments below which one left you in awe, made you smile, or touched your heart.

1. Amazing Creativity (37 seconds) 

Amazing Video


2. Beautiful Animal Love (3 minutes)

Animal Kindness


3. Earth Porn – Trees
This isn’t a video, but pictures of 16 of the most beautiful trees you’ve ever seen. While this 
might not sound exciting to you, check them out anyway, they will leave you in awe of nature. (Plus Earth Porn! Great name.)
Earth Porn Trees


4. Coyote and Badger (10 seconds of sweetness)
Joyful simplicity caught on camera; the playful relationship between two wild animals. 

Animal Kindness


5. Amazing Golf Ball Dominoes   (1 minute)
Covid quarantine let people have an excuse to do this sort of fun stuff. This guy’s joy is infectious.  (1 minute)

golf dominoes


6. Beautiful, Exhilarating, Celebration of Women (3 ½  minutes)

Women Rock


7. Squirrels Like You’ve Never Seen Before (22 Minutes)
This is a long one but worth watching. 
It’s funny, educational and amazing.  

Squirrel Obstacle Course


8. Unique Sculptures From Around the World
This one is not a video, but amazing pictures. I wish they said where each one was located and the name of the artist, so incredible.


9. Mother Nature Knows What She’s Doing
  (3 minutes)
Man needs to stop interfering. This audio interview makes a powerful case for what happens when you remove and then return an animal to its ecosystem and the radical changes it causes. This should be required for everyone to hear.


10. Child Prodigy Artist  (2 ½ minutes)
She’s 14 years old and paints real people into her paintings.
You have to see this. 

Child prodigy artist

I hope you’ve been entertained, uplifted, and inspired.  I’d love to know what you think of these and which one was your favorite.  Or which ones, if like me, you can’t pick just one.  


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3 thoughts on “10 Videos to Inspire, Astonish, and Captivate”

  1. OMG! Jackie what a post! Animal love did me in. So full of kindness and love. Much to love in this post. Thanks for being Jackie!

    Love y’a Chuck

  2. Wow..such an eclectic display of creativity and all so enjoyable and amazing…my personal favorite….hmmmm…I’m going with the squirrels with unique sculptures and animal love close behind, but they are all great to watch so take the time and enjoy……..finally, I couldn’t agree more with John Lennon…

    Great post Jackie😘

  3. all of these were so unique and wonderful The squirrels had me laughing but the animal love really touched my heart. The women video was very inspiring and I agree with you on the sculptures that it would be nice to know where they were or a little history. So enjoyable and I thank you for sharing. Happy Easter, with love!

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