Are You an American?

American Flag

Me too!  Do you want to be happy?  Me too. Do you want to live a healthy, peaceful life?  Me too. Do you want what is best for our country?  Me too. We have so much in common.   We are Americans who love our country.  Whether we are Republican or Democrat, we are American first, I think we’ve forgotten that. 

We are living in an age where life is defined by “us” versus “them.” We don’t really want to interact with others, or we want to interact only with those who agree with us.

Maintaining this separation in order to keep out others takes extreme vigilance. This causes stress and it creates fear.   Selfish, tight and negative thoughts make us feel sad and insecure.  This makes it hard to feel our natural kindness because it is blocked by reactionary emotions.  The more we forget our kindness, the more unkindness there is, and the more we forget.

We are at a dangerous crossroads in our world today, as we become more isolated and opinionated, our respect for others decreases. We can’t hear them anymore. When this happens, we lose both civility and the ability to be open and honest with each other, to be vulnerable, to be heard.  (from, The Lost Art of Good Conversation)

It’s time to stop focusing on our differences and start focusing on the things that we share.  We have much in common.

We need to stop the noise from the vocal minority and start trying to work together for solutions that we all want.  Bring back basic goodness and respect.

When bad things have happened in our country in the past, we would pull together as Americans and stand up proudly to denounce it.  We can do that today. 

We need to stand up and shout that we do not support the hatred and extremism that killed two people in the Kentucky grocery store, the eleven people in the Pittsburgh synagogue or the person who sent 14 pipe bombs.  We do not support violent acts of hatred by the few. We are Americans who will stand up for what is right and not allow fear and hatred to define us. 

Hatred is not an American Value.  Nor is it a Christian, Jewish, Buddhist or Muslim value.  It’s time we stand together as Americans and people of faith and say this does not represent us.

There is a yard sign that reads, “Hate Has No Home Here”.  Hate is not political.  It is not red or blue.  This is a message that every American and every person of faith should be able to stand behind.  This is not a political statement, it is a statement of civility and kindness.  I’d love to see this sign in every home and business.

The Hate Has No Home Here project seeks to declare neighborhood residences, businesses, and places of community free from hate speech and behavior, providing safe places for conversation, work, learning, and living.  That is the America I love. 

Now is the time to let your voices be heard. Stand up and stop the hate.

You can find the yard sign online or use the graphics free from the Hate Has No Home Here website, and take it to a local printer to have the signs made. It’s not expensive and the more signs you have printed the less the cost per sign.  I’m ordering mine from my local printer and am ordering extra’s for neighbors and friends.  It’s time we stand together and say the actions of the few will not define our country. 

This is not about politics.

 I address every one of you equally.

 Stop the hate.

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