Everybody Needs Hugs

Hugging makes the world go round.

I am a hugger.  I love every kind of hug. Some hugs are exceptional. When I get a deep, strong, hug and they hold the hug for a long time, and it’s from someone I love, it makes my heart swell. But even a short hug from a friend makes me smile.

Recently, I went to hug a dear friend and he said wait, let’s hug heart-to-heart.  It blew my mind.  Turns out most people hug, right side to right side, including me. But he said if we hug left side to left side, our hearts will touch.  I LOVE this. Just upped my hugging experiences and they were already great.

“Hugging is the most beautiful form of communication that allows the other person to know beyond a doubt that they matter.”

Turns out there are impressive health benefits to giving and receiving hugs. Hugging has a relaxing and calming effect that benefits our health by boosting our feel-good hormones. It ramps up dopamine, the pleasure hormone that makes us feel good.  It increases Serotonin, the antidepressant hormone, making us feel less stressed and reducing our feelings of loneliness. It hikes up Oxytocin, the love hormone, which reduces stress and makes us feel happier.  And hugs can strengthen our immune systems.

There are many different ways to hug someone.  You can have a quick hello hug for a friend, you can hug your child from behind, you can give a bear hug to someone you haven’t seen in a while, you can give a side hug to someone standing beside you, or you can do a group hug.  You can be standing, sitting, or lying down. You can hug for a second or hold on for a minute. “The interesting thing about hugs is that they can be emotionally very different.”

“Sometimes in life, we just need a hug. . . .  no words, no advice, just a hug to make you feel you matter.”

You can see that something as simple as a hug can have a profound effect on people.  We hug others when we’re excited, happy, sad, or trying to comfort them. Hugging is universally comforting. It makes us feel good. Hugs show people you care about them.  If you see someone having a rough day, give them a hug.  Hugs are for everyone, give someone a hug, just because you love them. Don’t be stingy with your hugs, spread them around. 

Hug your kids, your spouse, your parents, even your pets.  Hug long and hug often.

PS – Thanks Marty for turning my hugs into a heart-to-heart experience.

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5 thoughts on “Everybody Needs Hugs”

  1. I hug left maybe because I am left handed?! Love this and love that you had a fabulous birthday!🤗

    1. interesting bev, i’ll be asking all my left-handed friends if they naturally hug left. thanks.

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