Happy World Kindness Day

World Kindness Day

Today is World Kindness Day, not America Kindness Day but World Kindness Day.  Wouldn’t it be beautiful if everyone spent this one day spreading kindness? Every single person on earth spreading kindness. Imagine that.

People tend to spend a lot of their time and energy focusing on the negatives, wouldn’t it be amazing if, for this one day, we turned our focus to kindness?  Think about the wave of love and compassion gently spreading from person to person all around the world. How beautiful that would be.

I know you think, that could never happen, but . . . . .  what if it did?

People always say, “I’m only one person, I can’t make a difference.” But if you follow MKRO and read about our award and grant winners you’ve seen how one person can have a huge impact on the world. So today, let it start with you. Go out and spread kindness. Give a smile, hold a door, tell someone what you love about them or how much you appreciate them, send an uplifting text to a friend, or compliment a stranger.  You be you, go out and spread kindness the way you like to do it.  There’s no wrong way. Imagine all the energy in our world, pulsing with kindness.  

“Kindness has a beautiful way of reaching down into a weary heart and making it shine like the rising sun.” — Unknown

Think about how you felt after someone did something kind for you. Imagine a day that was not going well and someone did something as simple as give you a genuine smile. It can lift your mood and cheer your soul. You can do that for other people. You may not always see the ripple of your kindness, but research has shown that when people see someone do something good for someone else, it motivates them to perform their own helpful act.  Rippling out kindness from one person to another and another and another, and the next thing you know, your small act of kindness has created a wave spreading around the world.

There’s one more thing, any kindness you give to others is also a gift to yourself.  Being kind has been shown to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, improve heart health, and my favorite, gives a significant boost to happiness.

“May the world be more beautiful, because you have lived in it.”

What a beautiful legacy to leave behind. World Kindness Day is a wonderful day to get started, go inspire others with your kindness.

Is there someone who inspires you with their kindness?  Nominate them for the Matt Kurtz Kindness Award of $250.

Do you have an act-of-kindness project you want to do but need help funding it?  Submit your idea for the Matt Kurtz Kindness Grant of $250 and let us help you spread kindness.

2 thoughts on “Happy World Kindness Day”

  1. Howdy Jackie,

    Say hello to Ron. Everything worked fine with the app. 🤗 Your commitment to MKRO is a testimonial to both your concern about kindness to others. Y’all should be happy with how it’s working!


    Takes a special person to make the commitment to be a provider of joy to others without any thought of how it might impact them. Obviously that’s what makes them more unique than most others. She’s a special person. So many young children are mercilessly bullied in school. All teachers must deal with it. Our society is changing so quickly, and quite frequently not for the better either.

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