Help for Serious Mental Illness and Matt’s 38th Birthday

Resource Guide for Serious Mental Illness

Today, Matt would be 38 years old. We’ve had to live 5 years and 9 months without his presence in our lives, without new memories, without his touch and his effervescent smile. We’ve learned how to live and find some happiness in spite of our grief, but there’s not a day that goes by that we don’t hurt from missing him.  We’re grateful for the 32 years of wonderful memories we shared with Matt that make us smile and warm our aching hearts, but we miss him so much.  

Matt and Mom
Matt with his mom, Jackie. He was always so affectionate and loving.

Every year on Matt’s birthday, I re-post the resource page, Help for Serious Mental Illness.  There’s information on research and ideas for help with serious mental health issues that I was unable to use for Matt. I’m posting it with the hope that it might help someone else.  I continue to add resources from the readers of MKRO.  Note that some of it is traditional and some of it goes into very woo-woo theories.  It’s information gathered in one place for you to evaluate and decide for yourself if it can help you in some way.

If you or your family member is struggling with a serious mental health issue, I am so sorry.  I wish, with all my heart, that something in my research resonates and helps you find a way to recover or at least a way to live and thrive with this illness.

And yes, I used the word recover.  In spite of what the mental health professionals told us, people can and do recover from serious mental health illnesses and others find ways to live with their illnesses while living fully productive lives.

Mental illness is not rare in our society. One in five Americans suffer from it, and in spite of that, go on to lead successful lives.

If this is something of interest to you, please read, Help for Serious Mental Illness.  If this does not affect you, first, thank your lucky stars, then share it with others who may not be so fortunate. 

If you know of anything that should be added to this list, please email me with the information so we can make this list the go-to resource guide built by people with lived experience

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8 thoughts on “Help for Serious Mental Illness and Matt’s 38th Birthday”

  1. Jackie, Ron and Brian. For five years you have had to relive this day and it is always beyond heartbreaking. But for the last five years you have willingly shared Matt’s life and helped spread his kindness in incredible ways that have touched so many people. You all are the most inspirational family I know and give thanks everyday that Matt has left this beautiful legacy.

  2. Matt continues to touch so many people’s lives through Matt’s Kindness.Through your efforts, Matt’s legacy continues to ripple on, spreading love, kindness and help to those who need it.

  3. I have learned so much about your beautiful son through these postings and am so sorry that I did not have the opportunity to be around Matt more while he was growing up. It is hard to believe that it has been over 5 years. Wishing you peace and love and thanks for putting out this important message on mental illness.

  4. Matt was my grandson who I loved so dearly and miss him sooo much my heart brakes so much for Ron Jackie Brian may his memory be with us forever

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