I was a plogger and didn’t know it. Are you?

be kind to your environment

I’ve been plogging for years but didn’t know it. I just found out they have a name for what I do and it’s a much nicer name that what my husband called it. Plogging is the Swedish word for jogging and picking up trash. Go figure. I actually don’t jog – I’ve tried, but get a pain in my side before I go one block – but I do hike and pick up trash (sorta the same thing, right? Or would that make me a pliker?). I also kayak and pick up trash (ployaker anyone?)

Seriously, this is a really popular activity in Sweden and it’s made it’s way to the US with Facebook groups and social events sponsoring group plogging.

Now, my first thought was that picking up trash and jogging don’t go that well together, but running coach Jeff Horowitz said, “it works great, for one thing, it activates muscles joggers don’t usually use, for another it’s great for the recovery day.”

And how great that you’re out exercising and you feel good about contributing to the environment, cleaning up your community and making your jogging route more beautiful.

Once again I find that doing something good makes you feel good.

When I hike with my dog, I always have poop bags with me and I use them for picking up trash – I use the bag turned inside out so I’m not actually touching the trash. Makes dog walking and picking up trash a match made in heaven (dog ploking?)

I’ve had a few evil thoughts about the people who are enjoying the beauty of nature and then feel it’s ok to leave behind their litter, but I remind myself not to judge, I have no idea what battles they are fighting, and how lucky am I to be able to go for walks in the woods with my dog.

Give it a try. It get’s you outside, it’s exercise, it’s good for your community and it will make you feel good. Wow, who knew picking up trash could feel so good.

If you try it, leave a comment below and let me know what you think.

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