What Act of Kindness Could You Accomplish with $250?

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If you’re reading this blog, I know you’re the kind of person who enjoys spreading kindness and compassion in the world.  We’re looking for someone who has an idea for an act of kindness but could use some help in funding the idea? 

You can be a part of the start of something good!  Submit your idea for an act of kindness that you could accomplish with an extra $250 to win the first, semi-annual Matt Kurtz Kindness Grant. 

Matt’s Kindness Ripples On provides two Kindness Grants and two Kindness Awards annually.  The award recognizes people who inspire others with their kindness while the grant helps people fund their act of kindness projects. 

The first Kindness Award was given November 5, 2018, to Linda McGean, who said about the award, “I was completely floored.  I had not heard of it but I thought it was a wonderful idea to recognize kindness.” 

And now it’s time for us to give out the first Matt Kurtz Kindness Grant, which will be awarded Feb 15, 2019. 

We’d love for you to submit your idea by filling out the form at MattsKindnessRipplesOn.com

Nominations must be received by Jan 31, 2019, and the grant winner will be announced February 15, 2019.   The winner will receive a $250 check to be used for implementing their act of kindness.

Large or small, acts of kindness matter.  Kindness is never wasted, it’s contagious and it can have profound consequences – a ripple effect, while you can’t always see the consequences they ripple out and touch so many lives. 

Together we can make the world better, one kindness at a time.

This award is in honor of Matt Kurtz, (1985-2017), a young man whose personal philosophy was to live an honorable, compassionate and non-judgmental life.  To give for the sake of giving, to expect nothing in return, to be aware of the world around him and to step in to help others without being asked whenever he saw the need.  Matt believed in the ripple effect of a simple act of kindness – like a pebble dropped in water, it goes on and on.  Read more about how Matt lived his life, examples of his many acts of kindness, big and small, and why this award was created.